Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh please God help me!

Dizziness is severe even sitting down which in turn is causing really bad nausea, having a lot of diarrhea, was running a low grade fever but now I have the chills.. When will this ever end? I don't want to spend my Birthday tomorrow being sick like this, but I know I probably will, if at all please just let me have a great day tomorrow.

I had to make an emergency appointment today with my primary care physician because of these symptoms, I was given a couple of shots, Depo Medrol and Rocephin. He also is having a CT scan of my adrenal glands done and some other tests done, and he also wants to get me referred to a infectious disease specialist to rule out anything like lyme disease.

I have been sick for over a year now, and I just want to finally have a diagnosis and start the road to recovery, instead of feeling like I'm slowly dying. My doctor is almost certain this is some kind of viral disease?