Sunday, March 8, 2009


What gives a doctor (medical) a right to start probing you about your past to try and dig up emotional stuff to just turn around and try blowing off all your symptoms and sickness to being all in your head (mental related)? Well that happened on my 1st doctors visit with a new PCP!?!?!

Anyways he entertained my lab work requests and did some labs on me on the 27th. Then this last week Tuesday and Wednesday I ended up in the emergency room with a fever of 101, chest pains, palpitations. So they hooked me up to an EKG machine and then I started having one of my SVT attacks, highest my Heart rate went to I believe was 161 which is what the EKG machine recorded on paper, I have a copy.. ER later said I was probably dehydrated and gave me IV fluids then sent me on my way, 2nd time I went was because I was starting to feel the same way and I had severe diarreah all day, they gave me fluids again and some metoprolol to lower my heart rate some they also redid my troponin level because I guess they were borderline normal.

Thursday I found out some of my lab results from the 27th, and the ones I found out about were my WBC was 11.2 and my Sed rate was 29 which isn't normal. So friday I had a followup with that new PCP, and he didn't even wanna touch my lab results and try investigating what is obviously not right along with all the problems I have been having.

So I have decided I am DONE with male doctors, this is my 3rd male doctor I've had in the last year. I'm gonna try getting into Shawnee Mission Medical's primary care facility and get a female doctor, someone who will actually listen to me (hopefully).

I am very frustrated and keep getting even more frustrated.

I'll keep everyone up to date.